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How Counseling Works

Major steps involved in the process of counseling:

Step 1: Initial Contact 

  • The first step is easy and it only takes you few minutes, contact us.

  • Please leave us a contact number so we can contact you with a private message.

  • A consultation appointment will be set up within 48 hours.


Step 2: Registration, Screening, Assessment and Planning

  • Your first visit involves a meeting with a counselor/psychologist.

  • The first session is usually longer (around 75 to 90 minutes), to allow your worker to gain a detailed understanding of you and your needs in order to assist you in forming a reasonable goal for the process. 

  • Assessment/screening will be administered when necessary.

  • Focus of intervention will be discussed and planned.


 Step 3: Working as a Team

  • This is the time of your active participation with your individualized plan.

  • Each session will be around 50 to 60 minutes.

  • You may experience a range of emotions and expectations, depending on the psychotherapeutic approach and the circumstances of your situation.

  • Major tasks in this process are application of interventions, progress evaluation, and reviews and modification of plan. 


Step 4: Summarisation and Termination

  • Depending on the agreed plan and on-going evaluation of your progress, you will be given termination of service.

  • Evaluating your progress and change process is important for your future development via reflecting process, reviewing intreventions and planning follow-up care. 

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